A Misaki Sai Zelda cosplay will leave you speechless for its beauty

The adventures of The Legend of Zelda have continued on Nintendo platforms for years. The Japanese house offers several titles on this fantasy world with Zelda and Link, two of the most important characters in the videogame world. The duo will return with The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword in HD for Nintendo Switch.

The revelation arrived at Nintendo Direct last night and for this reason all the fans are happy, even if many were also expecting some news on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2. We must still celebrate this upcoming arrival, dated July 16. 2021, and we can do it with a Lovely Princess Zelda cosplay.

The cosplayer Misaki Sai, also known by the nickname of Saiwestwood, has posted on Instagram in the past few days two photos with her disguise. Resuming the Zelda seen in Breath of the Wild, Misaki Sai gives us perfectly crafted character and a natural setting that enchants. Very long blond hair that touches the mirror of the water, a white dress that reveals a certain lightness and the various jewels including bracelets and necklaces. Below you can see the two photos that, cumulatively, have already exceeded 15000 likes.

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