A Girl and an Astronaut Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything We Know Far

Polish sci-fi romance drama series directed by Bartosz Prokopowicz and written by Agata Malesinska under the title Dziewczyna i Kosmonauta. Marta (Vanessa Aleksander as the younger version and Magdalena Cielecka as the elder version), a lady that both Nikodem Borowski (Jdrzej Hycnar) and Bogdan (Jakub Sasak as the younger version and Andrzej Chyra as the older version) fall in love with, is at the center of this story of a love triangle.

A Girl and an Astronaut Season 2

In 2022, Niko, Bogdan, and a number of other Polish fighter pilots are training for a Russian business called SkyCom’s space program. But something goes awry, and the chosen one, Niko, disappears for 30 years. The year is 2052 when Niko is discovered, and he looks to have aged not a bit. The more Niko tries to return to his previous life, the more apparent it becomes that he is still a lot in love with Marta, who is now married to Bogdan.

After its debut, ‘A Girl and an Astronaut’ was met with a variety of reactions from critics. Reviews for the Polish series were mixed, with viewers applauding the acting and VFX but slamming the formulaic plot and romance. If you’ve finished the first season of “A Girl and an Astronaut” and are wondering if there will be a second, you’re in luck.

A Girl and an Astronaut Season 2 Renewal Status

A Girl and an Astronaut has not been picked up for a second season as of this writing. That may change if the show is successful on Netflix, given the subject matter.

Before deciding whether or not to renew a show, Netflix considers a number of factors, including the show’s initial viewership and its subsequent decline in viewership. As the recent stunning cancellation of 1899 has shown, the completion rate is one of the most crucial indicators.

Some series (like Squid Game and Bridgerton and Irregulars) have short turnarounds when it comes to cancellations and renewals. Sometimes, Netflix’s decision on a show’s future can take many months.

Many have complained about the slow pace and tedious storyline in A Girl and an Astronaut, contributing to the film’s generally negative reception. We predict that, due to the format of the show, it will not be given a second season. If the completion rate doesn’t interest people, which it usually does, they’ll stop watching.

A Girl and an Astronaut Season 2 Release Date

While fans of the Polish science fiction series A Girl and an Astronaut hope for season two, the show’s future is now uncertain. Neither the performance nor its cancellation have been announced.

Although it has not been officially announced, many fans are holding out hope that the show’s high ratings will lead to a second season. Critics and moviegoers were split on A Girl and an Astronaut despite the film’s uplifting message and moving performances. Season 2 has not been approved, as previously stated. Even if the next season is greenlit by Netflix, we won’t see it again until 2024 at the earliest.

A Girl and an Astronaut Story

In 2022, Niko, a young and cocky fighter pilot, is selected to participate in a private experiment on human cryopreservation by spending 24 hours in orbit aboard a Russian capsule. Niko is head over heels for Marta, but his best friend Bogdan has the same crush. Niko starts hallucinating shortly after launch, unintentionally sets the capsule timer for thirty years, and enters sub-hibernation.

Marta and Bogdan have been married and raising their daughter Oliwia since 2052. The capsule Niko took back to the water returns to the sky one day. The Russian corporation SkyCOMM, which originally sent him into orbit, recovers it and transports it back to the country.

There, Nadia is suffering from ALS and hopes to discover a treatment with Niko’s stem cells; thirty years ago, she was a young girl of seven, and her grandfather was the doctor in charge of Niko’s health and training. Marta goes to Russia in an attempt to return home with Niko, who hasn’t aged but is stopped by the Russians. SkyCOMM agents chase after Niko, but he manages to get away.

A Girl and an Astronaut Cast

  • Vanessa Aleksander as young Marta
  • Jedrzej Hycnar as Niko
  • Jakub Sasak as young Bogdan
  • Magdalena Cielecka as Marta
  • Andrzej Chyra as Bogdan
  • Zofia Jastrzebska as young Karolina
  • Anna Cieslak as Karolina
  • Daria Polunina as Nadia
  • Andrew Zhuravsky as JJ
  • Grzegorz Damięcki as Wiktor Rosa
  • Helena Rzasa as Oliwia

A Girl and an Astronaut Season 2 Storyline

Netflix has decided not to bring back the show for a second season. Since there are so few specifics available about the upcoming second season of A Girl and an Astronaut, we must rely on speculation to fill in the blanks of the tale. The tale will likely continue from where the current season left off, though.

A Girl and an Astronaut Season 2 Trailer

There has been no public release of the season two trailer. If you haven’t seen the first season’s trailer, though, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

Where to watch A Girl and an Astronaut?

If you want to watch a movie where the viewers become the stars, then you should check out A Girl and an Astronaut on Netflix. The show is highly anticipated by users, and it has become a breakout success on the service.


Many readers are curious about the show’s current development, so today we’ll discuss whether or not the creators are already hard at work on Season 2. As of this writing, however, we have no such details regarding the show’s renewal.

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