A Fellow Hunter Mistakenly Shot a 17 Year Old Boy While He Was Hunting For a Deer!!

A 17-Year-Old Teen Hunter Was Mistakenly Shot While Hunting for a Deer.

Nowadays, People are getting Shot Often. Either They get Shot by their own mistakes or they have been shot by someone else’s mistake.

Deer shot
Deer shot

If you look at this case, A teenager who has not even crossed 18 get shot by his own friend. At the age of 18, He dies a Brutal Death. He was fatally shot by a friend who mistakenly shot him for a deer.

Both the friends were hunting in the heavy woods of Georgia. They both staked out animals in this place. Both found a deer which was only a few meters away.

They fired a shot at the deer but unfortunately for these teenagers, But The Deer Escaped. Due to it, Both friends ran in the search for deer in different directions. While Unfortunately, one friend sees some movement in the bushes and he thought that must be the Deer.

Hector Romero shot in the direction of the movement and his 17-year-old friend, Bobby Lane died due to the shot. This is How Bobby was shot by his friend. They were hunting in densely forest areas so no one had seen them.

Glynn County has reported the death of the young boy. Glynn County lies about halfway between Savannah and Jacksonville on the coast of Georgia.

Cops get the call at 6:58 Pm on Saturday Evening. They took Lane to the convenience store along with some hunters who were around the place. Lane was taken to Southeast Georgia Health System in an Ambulance. But unfortunately, he didn’t make it and died there.

Be Aware while you are Hunting. Do Not Go Alone and Take Someone Trustworthy with You.

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