Zidane: "Bale is the first to suffer from not being able to play"

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The Real Madrid coach, Zinédine Zidane, made it clear that Gareth Bale "is not ready at the moment to train normally," but that he prevents him from leaving with his team in the break, stressing that this does not bother him and that the Forward "He is the first to suffer" for not being able to play.

"We want the player to be well and at the moment he is not ready to train normally. We are going to see every day, but his team has the right to summon him and we do not get in," Zidane said Tuesday at a press conference again focused on the Cardiff footballer. The French made it clear that the Welshman "wants to be well".

"Do not doubt what you want to do, is the first to suffer. We will see how it goes this last week and then if you are ready or not to be with your selection. Going has to go because he is summoned, I would like to have him not to talk about this, "he tried to ditch.

"It is not available right now," reiterated 'Zizou', who is unaware of Cardiff's conversation with coach Ryan Giggs. "The only thing that interests me is to have him well, it doesn't bother me to leave because he wants to be with us and if he's not ready he won't play with his team"he added." I think, "he clarified next.

In addition, he asked for reassurance regarding the extreme of his hobby, which "must think positive", and described as "nonsense" that he wants Bale to go out in the winter market.

"I want him to stay and I have it clear. He will try to do well with Real Madrid, I have no doubt," admitted Zidane, who also avoided saying if he was being "unfair" to the British. "These are things that must be endured," he recalled. "I have a good relationship with him, we say good morning every day," he said smilingly about his daily deal with the Welshman.

"I love my players, but we can't all have the same closeness. Nothing has ever happened to me, even when it seemed that he was going to leave in the summer, "said the Madrid coach.

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On the march of Bale del Bernabéu without having finished Saturday's game against Betis, he also removed iron because "the same thing happened" when he played. "You could go before the end of the game. The important thing is that they are before and rest resting. Everyone is committed and want to see their team win," he said.

On the other hand, he stressed that "it is a bit the same" with the Colombian midfielder James Rodriguez, also on leave and that he could leave with his team in the break. "He is in discomfort and is the day to day. Now we can't tell exactly what he has, I hope he comes back quickly, " He just commented.

"Winning the Galatasaray would give us practically the classification"

Looking ahead to the game against Galatasaray, Zidane acknowledged that there is so much "illusion" about playing at the Bernabéu as well as "responsibility" for what is at stake. "We are always with the same idea and attitude, the next game is always the most important for us," he said.

"We know what we have to do and I don't worry about it being a final or not because I think you just have to think about making a great game and getting the three points that would practically give us the classification ", pointed.

"We always need our fans. She wants to see her team play well and win, and I ask that she also support us in difficult moments because she can't always make a difference from minute one. We need them until the end." , affirmed as a message to the stands.

Finally, the French did not come to assess the possibility that Kylian Mbappé could land one day at Real Madrid. "It's the player who is going to decide his future. It's from the PSG and we will see what happens in the future, he always said that his dream was to play at Real Madrid, "he said.

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