Zack Snyder on his daughter’s death: "I thank the fans, this Justice League is for you"

During a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter, who had the exclusive regarding all the details of the new Justice League, whose long-awaited director’s cut will officially arrive on HBO Max, the director Zack Snyder it also took a moment for personal matters.

In January 2017, Snyder had what he considered his optimal version of Justice League, a film lasting almost four hours, although he knew that the studio would never bring such a beast to the cinema: while he was working to shorten the editing to about two hours and 20 minutes, a tragedy struck the director’s family when news surfaced that her daughter Autumn had committed suicide.

A month and a half later, Snyder officially left the project and Whedon took over, and the rest is history: in the interview, the director reminds fans that on various platforms such as they began to collect money for the famous Snyder Cut (the whose existence then was pure mythology) which he and his wife Deborah began to turn to charities for suicide prevention.

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“When we left the film, I also took control of my editing” says Snyder. “But I honestly never thought that that editing would become something, also because the following year I quit my job to focus on the family. ” About Autumn’s death, the Snyders declare: “We don’t have specific memories, but there are some that trigger others, like a particular song that brings something else back in, and that suddenly hits you. But as a family, as a couple, I think we have grown up, which has made us stronger. We are doing our best. You can’t hope for anything more, I think. “

Finally, as regards the fans and the Release The Snyder Cut movement:

“Clearly this would never have happened without them”, says the director. But she also credits Warner for having lived up to her ancient reputation as a large film studio. “The realization of my singular vision for this film, in this format, with this length … is simply an unprecedented thing and a truly courageous move”.


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