Zack Snyder becomes Tom Cruise and performs Impossible Missions: the video is hilarious

Director Zack Snyder becomes Tom Cruise to accomplish Impossible Missions in this hilarious and deeply disturbing fan-made video that appeared on the social network Twitter went viral immediately.

As you can see in the post at the bottom of the article, the author of the deepfake digitally added the face from the director of Batman v Superman and Watchmen to the superstar's body Mission: Impossible, Edge of Tomorrow is Innocent Lies, and the result speaks for itself.

The purpose is certainly to underline the epochal decision of Warner Bros., which after years of chatter and rumor has announced the release of the famous and mythological Snyder Cut for the streaming service on demand HBO Max: as you can see below, indeed, the post brings up the director's 'haters', who for years have discredited his words by claiming that the Snyder Cut was only the result of his megalomania: Zack Snyder instead proved the opposite, carrying out his personal mission impossible.

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What are your expectations for the film? Tell us in the comment section.

We remind you that the Official trailer of the Snyder Cut will be presented on August 22 during the highly anticipated event DC FanDome, a streaming convention that will be available in various countries around the world, including Italy. During the event there will also be other highly anticipated DC films, such as The Suicide Squad, The Batman is The Flash.

For more information, here's a special on the best director's cuts ever.


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