Zac Efron prepares carasau bread in the video of the Netflix series: did he succeed in the enterprise?

With the release of Zac Efron with his feet on the ground, the new Netflix docu-series, fans of the actor were able to follow him on his travels in different parts of the world. Sardinia could not be missing: here Efron learned how to make the typical carasau bread … or at least, he tried.

In the clip released by the Netflix channel we can see him at work: first of all he explains the historical importance of food (dating back to 1000 BC!), And then tries his hand at the preparation, under the amused gaze of the expert Sardinian housewives. A bit' awkward, he tries to roll out the dough as best he can, but eventually the women decide to take him back and save the day. After all, you cannot learn in five minutes an art perfected over centuries and centuries by the long-lived inhabitants of the island.

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The actor is also hired for carry the bread to the oven, holding the basket on your head as per tradition. You can watch the result yourself in the video. Would you be willing to taste Zac Efron's Carasau bread? After all, with a little help, he too seems to have managed to bring home the loaf … or, in this case, the crusty bread.

The series aims to deepen the uses and customs of the various territories, with particular attention to the side of ecology, ed is currently available on Netflix. To find out if the documentary is worth watching, here's our review of Zac Efron with his feet on the ground.


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