Zac Efron down to earth: review of the Netflix docuserie

Surrounded as we are by hyper-technological machinery and by a digitalization that has now invaded every aspect of our life, it is not easy for us to return with our feet on the ground and remember where we come from. Learning the origin of modern conveniences is a complex challenge especially for new generations, accustomed to coming into contact with food and everyday objects thanks to globalization.

In the docuserie Zac Efron with his feet on the ground (Down to Earth) – one of the interesting titles to be released on Netflix in July – the well-known American actor embarks on a wonderful journey around the world, discovering customs and procedures that rely directly on nature. Between Icelandic volcanoes and spontaneous crops, between ancient culinary traditions and energy plants based on renewable resources, Zac Efron leads us in a fascinating and fun investigation, to be enjoyed in eight episodes on Netflix!

Around the world in search of sustainable well-being

Entrusting the management of documentaries and docuseries to important personalities seems to be a well-established and successful practice. With The Story of God has been Morgan Freeman to lead us around the world to discover the particularities of the different religious cults and mysterious events, while the friendly Jeff Goldblum he had fun exploring the analogies between the small pleasures of life between countries in the Disney series The world according to Jeff Goldblum (of which you can find our review here). It's up to Zac Efron, flanked by the wellness expert Darin Olien, keep us company in this new Netflix documentary series, which addresses the complex issue of environmental sustainability and demonstrates how well-being deriving from a more direct contact with nature is possible and necessary, in a fast-paced world where everyone seems to have lost this form of communion with the earth. The protagonists of this curious experiment, Zac and Darin, give the product a nice tone and represent different approaches to the problem of environmental sustainability and the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle.

On the one hand we have Darin Olien, health expert and author of the book Superlife, who faces the journey with a more aware attitude, on the other Zac Efron, a young actor aware of living a busy life, who from time to time faces the experiment with the amazement of those who do not know the infinite variety of natural resources, but he wants to treasure it. Their way of living each trip with their minds as open as possible, but with an imperfect background (especially Zac, who confesses a past as a great protein consumer and a stressful present), helps us to experience the docuserie in a more participatory way .

On a technical level, the realization is of high quality: in full documentary style, everything is focused on an emotional montage, with crazy glimpses of the places visited and shots that give justice to the beautiful countries visited, and on a moving and motivational sound choice. Zac Efron with his feet on the ground it is a very interesting docuserie for those who want to find out what is the best way to being in the world by leading a sustainable lifestyle, not only by paying attention to health, but also by exploiting the resources that nature offers us with respect and gratitude.

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The beauty of "live with your feet on the ground"

The way of saying "living with your feet on the ground" is often perceived as antithetical to being dreamy and idealistic. In a world materialist and often not very attentive to the spirituality that lies behind daily gestures, a more imaginative and free attitude is seen as a virtue. This docuserie revolutionizes expression by giving it an extremely deep meaning. Staying with your feet on the ground does not represent the cancellation of the most dreamy side of us, but the choice of go back to our origins, to give the land and its fruits the meaning it once had and to consider natural resources as an alternative way to today's excessive industrialization. Being down to earth is also a way to reconnect physically and spiritually to nature, take off shoes and socks and walk barefoot on a lawn to still feel the pleasure of being in the world with authenticity.

Zac Efron down to earth is looking for just that: in eight different destinations (Iceland, France, Costa Rica, Sardinia, Lima, Puerto Rico, London and Iquitos) it shows how the communities most attentive to sustainability adhere to a more ecological concept of progress and pursue a lifestyle that is not only healthy, but also in relation to nature. Zac and Darin dive into the thermal waters of Iceland, discover the properties of different types of water, get to know Sardinian centenarians and so on, ready to experiment and make the best of this trip.

If the strong point of the docuserie is the charm of the places visited and the adventurous spirit with which the protagonists face the different experiences, in the realization of Zac Efron with his feet on the ground some naivety may also be noted. The spontaneity of some scenes is sometimes accompanied by some more forced moments, especially in the playful interactions between Zac and Darin. Although we choose to give the product an almost amateur touch, including errors, offstage and embarrassing moments in the storytelling of the documentary, these are not always included in a balanced way.


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