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Yuridia reappears on Instagram with a strange message to her fans

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The singer Yuridia, originally from Hermosillo, Sonora, after being absent for a few days from her social networks, returns to Instagram but with a strange message, she alarms her fans and they react stunned.

Yuridia, singer of hits like Cobarde and Amigos no porfavor writes in Instagra that the quarantine "happens again" and does not upload any of her images with dark colors.

Hi there! I'm Yurita and I came to quarantine with you, "reads Yuridia's Instagram, who became famous after her stint on the reality show La Academia.

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Yuridia published a few months ago that she suffers from social phobia, that is why she rarely agrees to give interviews to the media and that is why she also closed her Instagram account.

In Yucatan, a reporter approached her to interview her and although she did not want to, she insisted, so Yuridia behaved strangely and then exploited against the journalist.

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On her social networks, Yuridia made unexpected confessions, including that she does not like giving interviews because she has a social phobia, although many contradicted her on the same networks, assuring that if that were true, she would never speak on video.

Yuridia is married to Matías Aranda, who is also a singer. The two met a little over ten years ago, when they were part of the reality show La Academia.

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