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Yuri and the joke that causes him to scream in anguish

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No one escapes being a victim of any joke; Not even the celebrities! A Yuri, singer of musical successes like Behind my window, The Blackout and I ask you for love, they played a joke in the middle of the street and before it launched screams of horror.

Yuri traveled to Cuba, and as he walked through one of the streets in Havana, he approached to take a picture with a statue. What the famous singer originally from Veracruz did not imagine was that she would come alive before her eyes.

In a video that circulates on social networks you can see how Yuri approaches the statue, very quietly to be photographed, but suddenly moves and she walks away very scared and screaming.

The video is placed on the social networks of the same Yuri and has thousands of views.

She is the best, always making smiles ”,“ Even sunflowers wilted in fright, what Yuri screams! ”, Are some of the comments they write to the singer on Instagram.

Yuri has spent more than four decades dedicated to the world of entertainment and despite the passing of the years, it always remains in force in music.

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The artist is characterized by innovating in her musical shows and investing a lot of money in them to please and always amaze her fans.

Yuri is currently part of the Juntitas Tour, where he participates alongside the Mexican Pandora group.


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