Yu-Gi-Oh: the Young Black Magician shows herself in a splendid figure of over 300 euros

That of Yu-Gi-Oh is a franchise that over the course of these long years has been able to impress itself strongly on the minds of a very large audience, millions and millions of people of all ages who from all over the world have become passionate not only about the collectible card game, but also to the many animated and paper-based themed productions.

Indeed, different series related to the brand have emerged and between particularly successful works alongside others that have revealed half missteps, fans never stopped talking about IP, paying homage to fanart and cosplay often made with great attention to detail. Given the success, there are many companies launched in the creation of themed gadgets designed to enthrall an audience always hungry for news, companies including Wasp Studio.

In fact, the team ended up in the spotlight thanks to the presentation of a splendid Yu-Gi-Oh themed figure dedicated to the beloved Young Black Magician. As you can see from the images at the bottom of the news, the work is characterized by a great attention to detail, with the wizard that literally comes out of your card, a high level result that will surely delight many collectors. According to what was announced, the product is already available for pre-orders at the price of $ 375, while the release has been set for the fourth quarter of 2020.

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Before saying goodbye, we also remind you that in recent months the Yu-Gi-Oh themed Funko Pop dedicated to Slifer the Dragon of the Sky and the Obelisk of the Tyrant have been available again.


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