Yu-Gi-Oh !: the first season of the anime arrives on Netflix with the Italian dub

Netflix Italia has recently updated its catalog with the addition of Yu-Gi-Oh!, the 2000 anime produced by Gallop and Nihon Ad Systems. The available version is the one modified and censored by 4Kids Entertainment and consequently does not include the original dubbing, but only that of some Western countries including Italy.

To clarify, the Yu-Gi-Oh! received a first season in 1998, produced by Toei Animation and consisting of 27 episodes. This first series never arrived in Italy, unlike the second, produced in 2000 and published in our country in 2003.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, this is the name of the second series, is made up of 224 episodes divided into 9 narrative arcs. In Italy only the first was published, “Il Regno dei duellanti”, composed of 49 episodes modified and censored because they were aimed at a younger target. Netflix has released the 49 episodes in question, with the Italian dubbing edited by Marak Film.

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In all cases it is an excellent opportunity to take a nice dip in the past, and relive the classic series that made history in Italy with the inimitable Massimo Di Benedetto in the role of Yugi Muto, Simone D’Andrea in those of Joey Wheeler e Lorenzo Scattorin in the guise of Seto Kaiba. We remind you that the first film is also available on Netflix, simply titled Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie.

What do you think of it? Will you watch the episodes? Let us know with a comment! In case you are a huge fan of Yu-Gi-Oh !, then, we take the opportunity to remind you that a little while ago the spin-off manga dedicated to Rook has finally started, and that the new anime Yu-Gi-Oh Arc- V is currently available on Prime Video.


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