Yu-Gi-Oh: Slifer Sky Dragon will become a Funko POP, preview revealed

There are many iconic cards in Yu-Gi-Oh. The real card game obviously presents them differently than the animated series, and the latter also has some monsters so legendary that they are not present in the real market except as promotional and special cards. Some of these are the Three Egyptian Gods.

Anyone who has seen the Yu-Gi-Oh anime will have their presentations printed in mind. Obelisk of the Tyrant by Seto Kaiba, Winged Dragon of Ra by Marik Ishtar and finally Slifer Sky Dragon possessed by the protagonist Yugi Muto. The red dragon is perhaps the most famous of the trio precisely because it belonged to Yugi, and now it will also come to fans with a Funko POP.

Hot Topic has launched the new Funko POP dedicated to Slifer Dragon of the Sky, a model that has also returned to the American market with the Target retailer who put it on sale for 20 dollars. Below you can see a small preview of the red monster of Yu-Gi-Oh whose iconic double jaws and arms of the very long body can be seen.

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If you prefer statuettes of a completely different type, a half-length of the Young Dark Magician is on the way, one of the most appreciated Yugi Muto’s monster cards in the anime of Yu-Gi-Oh.


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