Yu-Gi-Oh !: Can the deck used by Yugi be competitive in the real game?

In the different animated series of Yu-Gi-Oh!, the various protagonists have accustomed us to real miracles: games overturned with the most unexpected and improbable cards. But would the deck used by Yugi be effective in real life?

The motto of Yugi Muto, protagonist of the main work, is “believe in the heart of the cards“. Based on this statement, the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime tends too often to break the rules of Duel Monsters and to create situations that realistically could never happen. But is the deck used by Yugi competitive even in the real game? Let’s look at his deck and evaluate together!

Yugi’s most powerful and iconic monster is Exodia, a divine being that if evoked in all its five parts immediately puts an end to the clash. The Forbidden One aided Yugi several times, such as in the clash with Kaiba, but his real effectiveness leaves something to be desired.

Decks based on this monster rotate completely on Exodia: the deck is made up of three copies each of each piece of Exodia and the remaining cards are spells of draw or destruction. The deck used by Yugi, however, does not include this mechanic, therefore, drawing all five pieces of Exodia would be almost impossible.

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Another ace up the protagonist’s sleeve is the Dark Magician. This card is without a doubt the most used in the animated series, but analyzing its statistics we can see that it is a very normal monster, without any extra effects. Despite this, Yugi manages to upgrade the Black Wizard in the strangest ways, which is completely unreal in Duel Monsters. The Dark Magician Girl, on the other hand, is a card with high potential, but often underestimated and not used by Yugi.

As a final resource we find Slifer the Sky Dragon, monster of enormous potential. To summon this deity, however, three tributes are required, which is somewhat difficult in a real game of Duel Monsters. Ultimately, the biggest shortcoming of Yugi’s deck isn’t the monsters he uses, but the lack of a defined and pre-set strategy. Going into a match with his deck, defeat would be almost certain. And what do you think of his cards? Soon you will be able to buy this fantastic Yu-Gi-Oh! Themed Funko Pop, but in the meantime you can admire this famous monster from Yu-Gi-Oh! recreated with a LEGO set.


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