Yu-Gi-Oh !: a fabulous Young Dark Magician in HendoArt cosplay

Initially, in Yu-Gi-Oh! the Duel Monsters game had to have little space. This was not the case due to the intense response from the public which forced the mangaka Takahashi to rotate his manga around this game. Thus was born the Yu-Gi-Oh! that we know, with all its creatures, spells and traps placed on the battlefield.

From there, more and more creatures began to participate in the game, many becoming iconic. The protagonist Yugi Muto could unleash high-level monsters, but he also knew how to use lesser creatures in synergy with other game effects. Precisely for this reason in Yu-Gi-Oh we made the acquaintance of the Young Dark Magician, a card that reflected some characteristics of the Dark Magician even if not his power.

After showing herself in 3D on the playgrounds of the anime, she also does so in real life. The cosplayer HendoArt, well known in the industry for her excellent disguises, has posted two photos on Instagram in recent days with a fabulous and enchanting Young Dark Magician cosplay. While wearing the classic blue and pink dress of the wizard, she casts her spell on the fans who have already awarded her with over 25000 likes to the post that you can see below. What do you think of this cosplay a tema Yu-Gi-Oh?

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