You would never imagine what the documentary Kim Kardashian is going to be about

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Kim Kardashian's documentary, 'The Justice Project'.

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Kim Kardashian has been crossed out on many occasions as superficial, empty or even self-centered. Well, their 'haters' are very, very wrong. Apart from promoting her beauty launches, taking selfies out of makeup or going on vacation (and giving us a lot of envy via Instagram), the businesswoman also dedicates her life to helping others. Yes, we have seen her countless times playing the fool in 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians', but when she gets serious, she does. His latest professional project has nothing to do with his previous business. This time the thing is not going to be lined with products to make the 'contouring', fragrances, pajamas or girdles (how many things does this girl!). Kim has participated in a documentary, 'The Justice Project', which addresses criminal justice reform in the United States.

Following in the footsteps of her father, the famous lawyer Robert Kardashian, the businesswoman began studying law a few years ago. Precisely one of his vocations is that of help inmates in prisons that have been sent there so unfair. In this documentary we can see it in action. It will not be until April 5 when it opens, but we already have a small preview of what awaits us on Kim's Instagram, which has shared a 'teaser'.

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Kim became interested in legal issues after helping to release two women who were unjustly in jail. Surely you will hear the case of Alice Marie Johnson, a woman in whose case the 'socialite' was involved and got her to pardon him. Well, now it continues to help more people who need it and precisely in the documentary we will witness how it is doing. This production will address the case of four inmates she chose.

Of course, in all this could not miss those who accuse her of advertising. Regarding this issue, Kim has spoken very clearly: "I am very used to criticism, so nothing really provokes me. I am one of those people who can deal with it. However, I really stay focused on cases and people, and I'm extremely compassionate, and no, I don't do it for publicity. I really care, "he told a news conference.

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