“You should be terrified of Stormfront and Homelander”

Watch out for those 2! The sixth episode of The Boys brought to the surface some shocking truths, which will greatly influence the future of the show. And in this regard, Aya Cash, interpreter of the new entry of the Seven, warns: Stormfront e Homelander together they are dangerous.

I think you should all be terrified of this new couple“he says to The Wrap’s microphones Aya cash, who had repeatedly anticipated the evil of Stormfront, and how this would have had a particularly interesting dynamic with the character Homelander.

Stormfront’s plans and Homelander’s narcissism are a truly dangerous combination. For Stormfront it is a victory in any case to have him on his side and aware of his past, because they started to team up that he was not yet aware of.“.

The actress obviously refers to the fact that Stormfront is none other than Lady Liberty, Nazi superheroine born in 1919, the first created with the use of Compound V., and … Wife of Frederick Vought. He himself, the founder of Vought.

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I think Stormfront was eager to get him to know the facts, and when he reacts the way we have seen him react, his first thought is’ Great, now is the time to take matters into your own hands and make sure the plan has Start‘”explain”So I really think we should all be afraid of what’s going on with Stormfront and Homelander“.

And you, what do you think of this couple? And of the sixth episode of The Boys? Let us know in the comments.


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