“You don’t need to have seen the other TWD series”

The co-creator of The Walking Dead: World Beyond Matt Negrete reassures: if you are not even or have never seen The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead it is not a problem at all.

You are back with The Walking Dead and / or Fear The Walking Dead and are you worried that this may prevent you from seeing AMC’s new TV series The Walking Dead: World Beyond? Don’t worry, there is no danger.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond is not so much a spin-off as a companion to The Walking Dead and Fear The Walkind Dead. You don’t really need to have seen the other shows to get on board“he explains in fact Matt Negrete, the showrunner and co-creator of the series to the microphones of TV Guide.

Beyond is about a new group of characters living in a new corner of the TWD universe that we’ve never seen before in any of the other series. All you need to know is that 10 years ago the world went into ruins, the dead started walking the Earth, and only small fragments of civilization have survived. When someone dies, they come back to life as walkers, and until they are stabbed or shot in the head, they will continue to roam forever, feasting on every life form they encounter. Simple!

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The series will also differ from its “companions” in the TWD Universe by its own limited duration: The Walking Dead: World Beyond will have only two seasons of 20 episodes.

In short, whether you are a longtime fan of The Walking Dead or not, this series can easily do for you.


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