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Yes there is tension between Pati Chapoy and Alberto Ciurana, Esteban Macías reveals

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After his dismissal from Tv Azteca, Esteban Macías was seen in the halls of Televisa recording a broadcast of the 24xSecond program by Óscar Uriel, Gaby Meza and Bully (Héctor Trejo) and talked about the conflicts between Pati's work teams Chapoy and Alberto Ciurana.

The journalist said that his departure from the Ajusco television station was very clear, after Alberto Ciurana, general director of content and distribution of TV Azteca "put different heads on channels One and Seven."

He pointed out that thanks to the support of Pati Chapoy, general director of shows of the same company and the Salinas family, the 25 years he dedicated to the television station were respected and reached an agreement, which consists of participating in individual projects.

Macías revealed that the news of his dismissal was not given by Alberto Ciurana, but Sandra Smester, executive vice president of programming for Azteca Uno.

“I didn't think it was the best way to tell me the news. The only one who had a cordial approach was Pati Chapoy; otherwise, the liquidation was done with the Human Resources staff. ”he said.

The journalist also gave some details about the alleged tension between Ciurana and Pati Chapoy, which has been rumored for several months.

“The little I lived, yes; there is a tension that is handled as politically correct as possible. But this is not necessarily with Ciurana, but with its entire team. In the end, that is the way he works, and if you do not agree with her, there is nothing left but to step aside or they do you, because nobody is indispensable. ”, He commented in an interview for TV Notes.

Esteban Macías confessed that the arrival of Laura G to Tv Azteca caused disagreement among the talent of the television.

“There were complaints against Daniel, derived from an opinion he gave of Laura G, one of the conductors who arrived with Alberto Ciurana's team. That arrival caused a lot of noise inside the company, questioning why they did not give that opportunity to drivers who had spent more years. From there on out, I don't know anymore. ”

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