Yashahime: a sensational return in episode 20 thrills fans

While the adventure of the three protagonists proceeds quickly, the anime of Yahshahime: Princess Half-Demon he is managing to extricate himself from the heavy legacy carried on his shoulders. However, the community seems to particularly appreciate the cameos of the old protagonists of Inuyasha.

Episode 20 leads fans to discover more details about the mysterious past of the three princesses, abandoned for some strange reason by their parents. This time the focus is on Setsuna, suffering from a strange amnesia that has erased the memories of her childhood and her sister Towa.

During the course of the episode we come to discover that Sesshoumaru has only apparently abandoned his daughters: Setsuna, in fact, was entrusted to his most faithful servant, Jaken. In the frames that you can see at the bottom of the article, the lizard demon accompanied the princess during her youth, only to meet her several years later. Furthermore, Jaken also seems to know Towa, who in the meantime was in the modern era.

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In Rumiko Takahashi’s original work, Jaken was Sesshoumaru’s right arm, as well as the main comic source of the anime. This unexpected return was particularly appreciated by fans, who would like the demon to become a permanent presence in the sequel. Meanwhile, we admire Sesshoumaru’s comeback in Yashahime. Moroha goes wild against the demon killers in episode 19 of Yashahime.


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