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Yadhira Carrillo takes Christmas to Juan Collado's cell in the Reclusorio

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Five months after Juan “N”, husband of Yadhira Carrillo, was admitted to the North Prison after accusations of money laundering and illegal association, the actress revealed how the lawyer will spend the December holidays.

Upon arriving at the prison as every week, the actress revealed and showed the gift she took to her husband: a gingerbread house that a friend gave her.

The Christmas house is made to me every year by a friend, he makes it to him and me, he gave it to me yesterday, so today I wanted to bring it to cheer him up a little… I want a happy Christmas to happen… ”.

Carrillo said she does not lose faith and will always be there to support her husband in this process that goes through:

"I eat always, at the foot of the canyon and ready to visit Juanito, like every day, really hoping that everything will be resolved now and he can get out of there …"

In previous days the actress avoided talking to the press, because she said she had nothing to comment. Then, Carrillo boarded his truck and avoided the press:

In recent statements to ‘Drop the Soup’, the actress confessed that she has cried together with her husband but they trust that they will emerge victorious from the situation:

“Juan and I have cried deeply, with all our hearts we have cried and it has touched us very loudly, but no way. We don't understand why all this is happening… ”

With information: Hello Mexico.

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