Xbox Series X will be backwards compatible with all Xbox One games, except Kinect titles

On the occasion of Phil Spencer's latest insight on Microsoft's nextgen vision with the announcement of free xCloud on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the boss of the Xbox division has promised total backward compatibility with Xbox One games, except for those titles developed in a specific for Kinect.

Regarding the backward compatibility of Xbox Series X, the highest representative of the gaming division of redmond house begins by stating that "Your games will not be left behind, thanks to backward compatibility with previous versions. You will be able to access four generations of games from the first day of Xbox Series X. Our engineers have spent years devising innovative ways to make these accessible titles through new generation technology, all at no additional cost and without any work from the developers of the respective games ".

The same boss of the Xbox division of Microsoft also points out how "Our intent is to allow Xbox Series X users to access backwards and backwards compatibility with all Xbox One games that don't require Kinect. Thanks to the unprecedented power of Series X, most of your favorite games will load faster and will work much better on the new console. Xbox controllers like the Xbox Elite Controller and Xbox Adaptive Controller will also work on the Xbox Series X, so there is no need to buy new controllers. We believe that your investment in video games should move with you in the next generation ".

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