Xbox Series X was slated for release this summer and Lockhart for October, according to Brad Sams

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Not satisfied with the media hype aroused by its revelations on Microsoft ready to acquire Platinum Games, the journalist and insider Brad Sams shares a new background on the hypothetical upheaval occurred in the timing of the launch of the Xbox Series S and Lockhart after finalizing the hardware.

In his latest article published on the pages of Thurrott, Sams explained that "initially, the console announcement (Xbox Lockhart, editor's note) it should have taken place in June but the latest reports set the reveal for August, but I still cannot verify it independently. There is, however, a curious fact, namely that of the original Xbox Series X launch plans that included its release in The end of August, with Lockhart's exit originally expected for mid-October 2020. Clearly the plans for the release of the consoles have been readjusted ".

To want to listen to Brad Sams, therefore, Microsoft's nextgen strategy originally provided for a launch in the middle of the summer of Xbox Series X and the marketing of the "budget model" Xbox Lockhart or Series S close to the Christmas holidays, only to then reconsider the all after finalizing the hardware specifications and not, as previously believed, due to the emergence of the Coronavirus emergency.

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The same insider and author of Thurrott is also said to be certain that the still unannounced Xbox Lockhart will not have a "cube" design like the one hypothesized by the fan made renders circulated on the net in recent months. For Sams, the latter would indeed be an illogical design choice, given the Xbox Series X adopts the tower form factor for purely design issues. In this regard, we invite you to admire this Digital Foundry video on the Xbox Series X heat dissipation system.

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