Xbox Series X: unveiled the packaging of the console

Following the announcement of the Xbox Series X release date and price, major international retailers are organizing to open pre-orders, kicks off on 22 September online and in physical stores.

Canadian retailer La Source has already opened the pre-orders page, unveiling at the same time too Xbox Series X packaging artwork. A package that plays on shades of black and green (a combination that has characterized Series X communication in recent years), note the choice not to show the console entirely on the front, leaving space for the upper part with its eye-catching grille. . The Xbox and Series X logos are well highlighted. The same retailer then also shared an image of the bottom of the console, to date never shown in any official image.

Xbox Series X will be available from November 10 in Europe at a price of 499 euros, the same day also Xbox Series S will reach the shelves of stores, at a price of 299 euros. In the United States, both consoles can be purchased by subscription through the Xbox All Access program, which is not yet available in Italy.

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