Xbox Series X / Series S pre-orders: from Mediaworld guaranteed delivery on November 10th

Like many other Italian retailers, Mediaworld has also opened pre-orders for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, the well-known chain allows you to book the two consoles online and in stores, while stocks last.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S can currently be pre-ordered, respectively at the price of 499.99 euros and 299.99 euros, it is not clear if there are limits to the number of pieces that can be purchased by each customer, it will probably not be possible to buy more than one console each, this to avoid the rapid exhaustion of stocks and the risk of speculation.

Mediaworld guarantees delivery by November 10, the day of release of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, it is not possible for now to pre-order accessories such as the new Wireless Controller and the charging kit, both available in stores on the same day of release. two consoles.

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As already mentioned, stocks are limited and therefore if you are interested the general rule that we have repeated several times in these cases applies, hurry up before it is too late, the arrival of additional stocks is not confirmed in the short term and in any case delivery may no longer be guaranteed in time for launch or end of year.


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