Xbox Series X: Seagate’s external SSD costs over $ 200

In these hours, the price of what is in effect the first 1 Terabyte external SSD announced for Xbox Series X, produced by Seagate and available from November at a price of … $ 219.99, has leaked online.

It is, it must be said, of a price in line with market demands for SSDs of this type, however, many have been amazed by the cost, considering that the Xbox Series S costs $ 299, even with a half-capacity SSD (512 GB).

In the past, both Microsoft and Sony have hinted that memory expansion units will not be cheap and there is now a first testimony to this in the Microsoft universe. Xbox Series X will be equipped with a custom SSD with 1TB while PlayStation 5 will mount an 825 GB unit that could reserve 650/700 GB of free space according to some rumors never confirmed.

As mentioned, Xbox Series S instead presents a 512 GB SSD just to keep costs down, however the space is likely to be sufficient only to install a few games, considering the increasingly important dimensions of some titles, let’s think for example of the combo Call of Duty Warzone and Modern Warfare, two titles that together weigh over 200 GB.

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