Xbox Series X: revealed the not too cheap price of the Seagate SSD expansion card

We know external SSDs for Xbox Series X and Series S they will not be cheap and a recent leak set the price at over $ 200 for the Seagate Game Drive 1TB. Now new cost details emerge.

The Best Buy chain has included the Seagate 1TB Game Drive per Xbox Series X e Series S, the product can be pre-ordered now at a price of $ 219.99, a price in line with that of other external SSDs for PCs.

The storage space can be expanded on all next-gen consoles through external memory cartridges, Xbox Series X available from a 1TB internal SSD drive while PS5 presents an 825 GB drive, more particular the case of Xbox Series S, proposed by default with 512 GB storage unit (always solid state), to keep costs down.

This seems to be a limitation of Microsoft’s economic console, the reduced space available on the Xbox Series S could push consumers to want to buy an external unit which, on balance, risks costing a little less than the console, in this case. 219 dollars against 299 dollars.

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