Xbox Series X: Phil Spencer criticizes the console model with exclusive games

After promising that Xbox Series X will not have worse games because of Xbox One and Microsoft's crossgen vision, Phil Spencer has openly criticized the commercial strategy of the video games offered exclusively on a single platform.

During the last interview granted to, the manager in charge of Xbox division of the Redmond house specified that "The center of our strategy is the players, not our devices and not even our games. We want to allow you to play the titles you like in any place, on any device and in the way you want. If you are on TV, Xbox will be the best way to play console games, while with Xbox Series X it will have the most powerful console out there and you will be able to enjoy the best experience ".

Also from the columns of, Spencer continues in his speech and specifies that "gaming is about entertainment, the community and learning new stories and different perspectives, so I am completely against everything that is done to block people's access and force them to buy a specific device if they want to play from the first day to your favorite title. When I think of gaming, I think it is a concept that is bigger than any device, it is something that as an industry must commit us to embrace and involve more and more fans. I think it is vital for the role that video games can play on the planet ".

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The thought expressed by Spencer is in stark contrast to what outlined by Sony and Nintendo with the most important exclusives ever for PS5 according Simon Rutter of SIE and with the secret of the success of Switch second Shigeru Miyamoto.


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