Xbox Series X: Microsoft confirms support for indie developers

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In publishing videos on the over 30 games of ID @ Xbox Summer Spotlight, Microsoft's Chris Charla confirmed Microsoft's full support to independent developers on Xbox Series X.

"The authors of independent development teams have fundamentally changed the world of video games in this generation", begins the director of the ID @ Xbox program before pointing out how "teams from over 50 countries across the planet have so far launched over 1600 games on Xbox One via the ID @ Xbox program and thousands more are under development. We are excited to ensure that support for these developers will continue in the next generation also through backwards compatibility, which means that all your games on Xbox One will also follow on Xbox Series X ".

The chief executive of Microsoft's division linked to the ID @ Xbox program also explains that "Independent developers are already working on Xbox Series X games and we are excited to increase the support we offer them as they create next generation games.". Charla 's statements end with an invitation to admire the videos of the games that characterized the Summer Spotlight and to look forward to major surprises over the next few months, with many independent titles coming to Windows 10, Xbox One and Xbox Series X PCs.

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