Xbox Series X: Microsoft abandons Xbox 20/20 for more flexible communication

Microsoft has decided to remove the titled monthly appointment Xbox 20/20 from its line up of events to focus on more varied communication and with regular news on games and on Xbox Series X. The update came directly from the Xbox Wire pages.

The news came thanks to an official note published as an update to a news dating back to last May, where the event was announced. Xbox 20/20. As stated in the update, Microsoft has decided to give up this type of wording in favor of a unique and regular schedule: "Xbox has a great year ahead, as announced below. After re-evaluating our programming we decided to stop using the Xbox 20/20 term as it implied that we would only be posting information one way, through a dedicated monthly show. We have a lot more to share with news about Xbox Series X, new games like Halo Infinite is the cloud on Xbox Game Pass. We will share news in various ways. Sometimes with a dedicated show, sometimes with YouTube videos, collaborations or news on Xbox Wire. We want to be flexible in how we connect with you".

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In short, a change of program that allows the Redmond giant a certain flexibility and a more constant flow of information. In the coming days, Microsoft will participate in theHot Chips 2020 with a panel entirely dedicated to Xbox Series X hardware.


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