Xbox Series X and S: no WiFi 6, USB-C and Bluetooth, according to the official website

From the updated cards on the Xbox Series X and S of the official Microsoft website we learn that the nextgen consoles will certainly be without WiFi 6 and, presumably, also with USB-C inputs and a Bluetooth module.

In addition to the official design of the Xbox Series X and S packages, the new update that involved the website illustrated in detail the technical specifications of the next green cross platforms and revealed, in fact, the absence of the WiFi 6 module with the adoption of cheaper WiFi 5.

Introduced in 2019 to replace the previous standard launched in 2014, the WiFi protocol 6 promises to offer up to 40% higher speed, greater energy efficiency and 4 times better performance in the limit operating conditions that could occur within “obstacle-heavy” environments (whether physical, such as furniture or thick walls, electronic devices, such as other wireless devices in the immediate vicinity). Adopting a WiFi 6 module would certainly have affected the console production costs, hence, perhaps, the decision taken by Microsoft to turn to the cheapest (and if we want, tested) standard WiFi 5 IEEE 802.11ac.

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Inside the technical data sheets of Xbox Series X and S do not even find space for USB-C inputs and the Bluetooth. As for Microsoft’s “competition”, we remind you that Sony has not yet offered exhaustive clarifications on the complete technical specifications of PlayStation 5: a report at the end of August, however, confirmed, albeit unofficially, PS5 support for WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1.


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