Xbox Series X and PS5: Ray Tracing will impact gameplay, says The Initiative

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During an interview granted to GamingBolt by Francisco Aisa García, the Senior Gameplay Engineer of The Initiative team said he was certain that the Xbox Series X and PS5 Ray Tracing will be able to significantly affect the gameplay of video games nextgen.

Discussing the technological evolution that we will witness with the launch on the market of the next generation consoles of Microsoft and Sony, the author of what, according to some, represents the "super team for AAAA games" inside the Xbox Game Studios, points out: "I think we will see innovations everywhere. What excites me are the technologies integrated in the new hardware. It allows us to look to the future and hypothesize the benefits we will have with techniques such as Ray Tracing. We have already seen it in action but without observing its full potential. , and this is because there has never been staff dedicated exclusively to building digital worlds starting from this technology ".

The engineer of the Initiative team continues in his speech related to the Ray Tracing of PS5 and Xbox Series X to say that "in the new generation it will be omnipresent. The teams will work on Ray Tracing to fully support it and I'm pretty sure that, at that point, things will come out that we don't expect now. Ray Tracing can also have an impact on gameplay, for example in the way the AI ​​reacts to the reflections produced by the lighting system in real time. It is something that you couldn't even think of before but that you can now incorporate into your design ".

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In recent days, a digital artist from The Initiative has published concept art by a mysterious project, helping to fuel fans' curiosity for the blockbuster under development for PC and Xbox Series X by the Xbox Game Studios subsidiary.

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