Xbox Series X and beyond: new studies, more budgets and more time for development

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A few weeks after the presentation event of the Xbox Series X games and a few months after the debut of the next generation console, Phil Spencer has made it clear that the Xbox division has no intention of slowing down.

The Xbox boss o stated firmly during a recent interview that he granted to The investments aimed at supporting Xbox Series X have already started for a few years, with the acquisition of seven studies – Compulsion Games, Double Fine, InXile Entertainment, Ninja Theory, Obsidian Entertainment, Playground Games, Undead Labs – and the foundation of a whole new one – The Initiative. "We have acquired a good number of studies in a short period of time, and now we want to make sure they are going in the right direction".

This great maneuver, and the excellent results of recent times, bode well for the next generation. Though the priority is to provide support for current studies, Spencer does not rule out the possibility of acquiring new ones: "The Game Pass portfolio and subscribers continue to grow. We are launching a new console. Last year was our biggest ever year in terms of earnings for our Xbox Game Studios. A lot of divisions are doing very well. , for this we always probe the market in search of new opportunities for studies".

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"Our priority is to make sure teams have everything they need to create the best version of their games. That means extend some of the deadlines and give them more budgets. We have great support in this regard from Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, and Amy Hood, the CFO. There is no signal that could lead us to slow down, we just have to proceed at a sustainable pace. We are always out there talking to people, but we look for the right opportunity".

For several days, rumors have been circulating about the possible acquisition of Warner Bros. Games by Microsoft: is this the right opportunity Spencer talks about?

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