Xbox Series S is next-gen Microsoft’s weak link for Bloomberg

In the last few hours it has been published on the online pages of Bloomberg a long article on the communication strategies and not only of Microsoft and Sony for the next-gen. The analysis of the famous portal reveals how the little one Xbox Series S may be a problem for the Redmond giant.

According to Bloomberg, the problem would not lie exclusively in the lower technical power of the Xbox Series S and the concerns that derive from it for the developers, but also for the issue of nomenclature, since the mass could confuse the two models, Series X and Series S (does anyone remember Wii and WiiU or DS and 3DS?). Another problem could be linked to the perception of gamers on the strategy of the two companies, given that the one most inclined to provide a more innovative gaming experience and with the least possible links with the past is Sony. The Japanese company, for example, focuses heavily on the functionality of the DualSense, a controller that has substantial changes compared to its predecessor, unlike the new Xbox Series X / S pad that has only some tweaks to the digital cross and a knurling on the triggers to improve it. the socket.

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In short, these are two visions in stark contrast and which, at least according to Bloomberg, see Sony at an advantage due to the particularly aggressive price of Series S and the presence of excellent services such as the Game Pass.


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