Xbox Scarlett, not just graphics for Phil Spencer: immersion at the heart of the next gen

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Phil Spencer, head of the gaming division of Microsoft, is now ready to bring the next generation of green-console consoles to the gaming market, arriving in the last months of 2020.

The launch of the next gen, revealed the executive, will see Xbox Game Pass and Xbox All Access at the center of the Microsoft strategy, which also focuses on these elements to offer a wide range of options to the gaming community interested in making the transition towards the next gen. The latter, said Phil Spencer, will be particularly rich and will not focus exclusively on enhancing the graphic detail, but onoffer a more engaging experience.

"Today we are able to achieve a substantial graphic realism, in certain situations we also succeed on current consoles, – highlighted the Xbox executive – but when you take this element and blend it with a frame rate very high, one input latency extremely low, and the possibility for playwrights to really push beyond the history and emotions who want to try to tell through their game, the screen, the controller? It is something that in today's gaming I perceive as a drastic leap forward".

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Looking forward to the event in July, which will see Microsoft present the titles of the Xbox Game Studios, we report a rich insight on the Xbox strategy for the next gen, edited by our Giuseppe Arace.

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