Xbox One and Series X: Facebook Gaming will not be integrated into the dashboard as a Mixer

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The closure of Mixer and the alliance with Facebook Gaming has obviously opened many interesting scenarios related to streaming platforms and many are wondering if the Mark Zuckerberg platform will actually take the place of the Microsoft service also on Xbox. Major Nelson and Phil Spencer answer this question.

As it is known, Mixer has been integrated into the Xbox One dashboard being clearly visible to players, now things will change and users will have freedom of choice for streaming, without having to find Facebook Gaming in the Xbox One and Series X dashboards.

Major Nelson and Phil Spencer have made it clear how Facebook will have no access to statistics and information from Xbox LIVE profilesFurthermore, the service will not be integrated into the dashboard, as mentioned, players will be able to choose the streaming platform of their interest freely from Facebook Gaming, YouTube Gaming, Twitch and all the others.

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The closure of Mixer has also reopened the streamer market, with Ninja and Shroud totally free from their exclusive contracts and now free to return to Twitch or switch to other platforms. New scenarios, therefore, for a business that is increasingly growing and which in recent years has proved extremely solid and profitable.

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