Xbox Lockhart: Series S 'and other hardware' revealed in August, according to Tom Warren

Once the new Xbox Game Pass logos are shown on social networks, the well-known The Verge journalist Tom Warren says he is certain that Microsoft is planning the announcement of the Xbox Series S "and other hardware" for August.

According to the rumors collected by the Senior Editor of The Verge, who questioned his anonymous sources inside the Redmond house, that of August "It will be a very interesting month. Looking back in the future, we will remember this August as the month in which Arsenal beat Chelsea in the FA Cup and in which Microsoft announced (REDACTED)".

In addition to the football reference, Warren wanted to clarify the advances on the mysterious announcement that the US tech giant is expected to do just this month and add additional food for thought to specify that "there would be more than a single Microsoft announcement on hardware coming in August".

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According to the well-known journalist, therefore, Microsoft would be gearing up to present Xbox Lockhart or Series S and at least one more Xbox family device: whether it's the rumored "light" model of Xbox nextgen based on Project xCloud? The heads of the Xbox division, on the other hand, are already thinking about the August event on the Xbox Series X, as reported in recent days by the same Phil Spencer.


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