Xbox Game Pass: Phil Spencer promises big things for the launch of Series X

During the interview with Phil Spencer on Gary Whitta's Twitch channel, the Xbox boss did not just comment on the postponement of Halo Infinite, but also revealed some new information on the future of Xbox Game Pass.

Here are Spencer's words on the now increasingly popular Microsoft service for PC and console:

"I can say that one of the positive aspects of the May showcase and the recent July event was the increasing importance we placed on the Game Pass. Every time we come into contact with our customers, we understand how this service can play a role. key in choosing Xbox Series X as the next generation console. "

"Our investment in expanding the Game Pass catalog continues to be important. We will be making some big announcements about 'things' coming to Game Pass soon."

"During the Xbox Series X launch period, you will continue to hear about consoles and Game Pass, as we believe these two products together represent additional value for gamers looking to move to the next-gen."

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In short, once again the attention that Microsoft is placing on the Game Pass is highlighted, a service that in the vicinity of the launch of the console could welcome some in its catalog big title of third parties, so as to allow anyone who buys the console to have a sort of bundle and save on the purchase of the product.

Did you know that Xbox Series X will arrive in November?


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