Xabi Alonso, acquitted of tax crime

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The Provincial Court of Madrid has decided to acquit the former Real Madrid player, Xabi Alonso, of the three tax crimes he was accused of. The Prosecutor's Office had come to ask two and a half years in jail for him accusing him of defrauding two million between 2010 and 2012 with his image rights.

"The facts are not constitutive of the crimes against the Public Treasury charged, so the acquittal proceeds of the defendants ", explains the resolution. The judges recognize that the way to manage the image rights that the San Sebastian player had was" unusual "and" striking "using" a kind of corporate achiever "but that there was no crime.

For the Provincial Court, in the case of Alonso "the subrogation was real, as well as payments made to KARDZALI, in addition to quantifiable and duly reflected in its accounting ", in relation to the management of its image rights, thus denying that it existed a criminal simulation of the business. He further adds that "in relation to the participation of the defendant Xabier Alonso in the negotiation of contracts relating to the exploitation of his image, has not been proven such participation, beyond extending the signature in the corresponding contracts or in the provision of their consent ".

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Together with the player, the other two defendants are also acquitted: Iván Zaldúa and Ignasi Maestre.

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