X-Men: X of Swords Creations, is there already a victim in the first issue?

With the arrival of X of Swords Creations, the X-Men universe is about to change definitely. The first issue of this new series has potentially already claimed the life of one of the protagonists.

In X of Swords Creations # 1, the Summoner and a wounded Banshee travel through the gate to the outer realm to return to Krakoa, the new mutant nation. This event pushes Apocalypse to lead an expedition, which among others includes Havok, Beast and the Summoner himself, to save Unus and seek the truth. Upon their arrival, the battle quickly begins; in X of Swords Creations Krakoa is in serious danger.

Going through the gate, Apocalypse realizes that the four mysterious figures that ravaged Otherworld are none other than his children. In spite of the relationship, the four attack their father, leaving him seriously injured on the ground.

But it is not Apocalypse that dies in this first volume. The Summoner brought with him the Twilight Sword, a weapon with which Krakoa and Arakko were separated, and suddenly taglia in due Rockslide. A relationship was born between the two in X-Men # 12, a comic in which the true nature of Rockslide was revealed. “Your outer form is simply a rocky shell, an armor that protects and hides the real you.”

Rockslide, dunque, it seems to be made of pure energy and not a real physical body. This old quote could confirm only an apparent death. To find out the truth, we must wait for the next seven chapters to arrive over the next few weeks. In the meantime, don’t miss all the details on SWORD, the new revolutionary Marvel series.

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