X-Men, new charges against Bryan Singer: he would have filmed stunts under narcotics

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Throughout his career, Bryan Singer has been hit by several allegations of sexual abuse and violence, all of which he denied, including those dating back to the early 1990s, unprovable and "word against word", but according to a new story published on theHollywood Reporter, new and different charges against the director would arrive.

The report of the THR refers to his behavior on the set of the X-Men, franchise almost entirely directed by him. In fact, we would speak of "dangerous and inadmissible behavior"during the filming of various films, both towards the cast and the crew. There are many interviews within the story that would reveal how Singer shot many stunts under the influence of narcotics, therefore drugged, and among these there is also the revelation of the historical producer of the saga, Lauren Shuler Donner.

The woman also stressed how Singer has chosen young boys in minor parts promising him much more work in exchange for sex and how he used his position and power to protect himself and his interests.

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In one of the most memorable anecdotes, THR describes a feud between the manufacturer Tom DeSanto and Singer on the second X-Men movie, with the first that suggested to stop filming after the director and other crew members "they had ingested several quantities of narcotics"But Singer refused to stop working, filming a very dangerous sunt double scene (without a coordinator present), con Hugh Jackman who ended up getting hurt "and bleed in front of the camera".

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