X-Men 9: in the series we witness the coronation of a new king of an alien empire

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It is not the first time that X-Men, the mutant heroes of Marvel Comics, find themselves traveling among the stars on an adventure. But it is one of the first times that one of them becomes the king of a very dangerous alien race.

The series written by Jonathan Hickman and designed by Leinil Francis Yu is putting the famous mutants back on the radar of enthusiasts with a run that explores different situations and that also manages our heroes in an unprecedented way. In previous issues, in fact, the X-Men have totally detached themselves from the human race, creating an idyllic society on Krakoa the sentient mutant island. Here Cyclops and the others are even creating a mutant culture to be handed down to posterity, are entering into laws and even celebrating their own sacred rituals as happened in the number seven of X-Men. Released in the United States, issue number nine takes the characters into space to confront the Broodferocious aliens who in the past have given many problems to ours.

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These creatures are inspired by the Xenomorphs of the Alien saga films, sharing their main characteristics: ferocity and high reproducibility. Longtime fans of Wolverine's adventures will remember the only brooding alien to be gentle and gifted with intellect, namely Broo, a character first introduced on number 1 of Wolverine and the X-Men series that put Logan in the role of the principal of the new school for young mutants. Just Broo, after a series of vicissitudes, becomes the new leader of the brood. What turn will this event have for the series? We will know in the next issues. Recently the writer Rick Remender showed us his discarded plans for the X-Men.

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