X-Files, the cast of the cult series gathered to “sing” the iconic theme song together

After the two limited series released four years ago, the cast of the beloved X-Files has finally reunited together not to announce the arrival of a new season of the show but for a charity work, singing the iconic theme together. song from the series created by the legendary Chris Carter.

The video in question – which you can find above – was shot for Variety within a project for the World Central Kitchen, dove Dave Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Robert Patrick, many other cast members and even the creator connected in live-chat to literally give a text to the iconic and unforgettable theme song.

The original music theme of X-Files was written by Mark Snow, con i fan Jennifer Large e Rebecca McDonald who instead took care of writing the lyrics of the song. At the reunion Carter said: “We wanted to reunite the large X-Files family during these very difficult times to bring some hope and spirit back to the world. And also take the opportunity to thank the fans and make as many donations as possible to those who really need them“.

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What do you think of the video? Do you like the lyrics of the song X-Files? Let us know as always in the comments at the bottom of the news.


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