WWE, the background on the brutal encounter of Dominik Mysterio

Perhaps the one of the last Monday Night Raw will not be remembered as one of the best matches of the WWE, but the twists were not lacking and to pay the costs was Dominik Mysterio.

The first part of the event saw the signing of the contract by Seth Rollins, the wrestler who had already poked Rey Mysterio's eye (so to speak …) and now his violence has also involved the son of the well-known Mexican wrestler. After destroying Humberto Carillo in just three minutes, Rollins watched with satisfaction the attack of Dominik Mysterio, which took place on the sidelines by Murphy.

The latter then dragged the boy to the ring, where he found himself at the mercy of Rollins. Despite being able to react for a brief moment, Mysterio "Junior" was still outnumbered and had to succumb to his opponents. He was tied to the ropes, and hit several times with a kendo stick… a real torture that did not fail to amaze the spectators.

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In practicing his sadistic punishment, Rollins has repeatedly put himself in favor of the camera, addressing the boy's father, mocking him and continuing to rage on the son. This will hardly go unnoticed and Rey Mysterio could return to the office to avenge the wrong he suffered.

We leave you to the video of the meeting, and we remind you that The Rock has accepted the challenge of Daniel Bryan.


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