WWE, that’s why Goldberg appeared at the Thunderdome

Bill Goldberg was one of the biggest super stars in the world of pro wrestling, managing to forge an incredible career in both WWE and WCW. In the past few hours he has appeared as a surprise at the Thunderdome during the last episode of Smackdown, and many have wondered what is behind this participation.

Ring Side News assumed that his appearance is in no way linked to his possible return to the ring. Though Goldberg still has a deal with WWE, his appearance at the Thunderdome would depend solely on the start of the show’s new season. It seems in fact that Fox has asked many wrestling legends to virtually participate in this event and, Goldberg has given his availability which, however, would not in any way mean his return to the square, at least for now.

Goldberg had confirmed his appearance at WWE Friday Night Smackdown via his official Instagram account, revealing all his interest in theUniversal Championship Match tra Roman Reigns e Braun Strowman. We will see how things evolve.

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Meanwhile, John Cena has reassured his fans, revealing that his career in the world of wrestling is certainly not over despite the new cinematic adventures.


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