Worms Rumble arrives on PS5, PS4 and PC, complete with battle royale: here is the first trailer!

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During the day of Wednesday 1 July, the Sony leaders announced the initiative PlayStation Indie, aimed at presenting to the public a new selection of independent productions arriving on the PlayStation ecosystem.

In addition to the announcement of the PS4 version of Haven or the announcement of Carto, the publication of the first has also found space trailer of Worms Rumble, new chapter of the famous saga, arriving on console and PC. The movie, available directly at the beginning of this news, introduces some of the essential characteristics of the title.

For the debut on next-gen, the Worms saga abandon the turn-based approach to marry a real-time combat system. As a result, the development team had to completely rethink how the protagonists move around in space. The Worms will therefore be able to crawl much faster, but also to roll at great speed along the arena, make dodges and jumps on the walls to reach elevated areas. To these characteristics is added the will to support the cross-play, which will serve the 32-player online multiplayer mode proposed by Warms Rumble. The latter will allow players to face each other in Last Worm Standing, a real battle royale, Last Squad Standing, with ten three-player teams. Finally, the possibility of personalizing your Warm has been confirmed.

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Worms Rumble is currently without a specific release date, but the development team has confirmed that the game will land on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 is PC in late 2020.

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