World of Warships: the new video explains how to create and manage a Clan

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The developers of explain in video how to create, manage and integrate into a pre-existing World of Warships Clan to make their gaming experience even more immersive.

As every good WoW Commander will know, the Clans help to increase the gameplay through access to features, challenges and content that further stratify the already rich playful offer of the new naval simulator of Belarusian authors.

Thanks also to the news of the World of Warships update 0.9.0, fans can participate in Combat Missions that offer incremental rewards based both on the class of belonging of their vessel and the participation in the game of other Clan members.

During the Sea of ​​Fortune seasonmoreover, the entrance to the Battle of Clan which will be held between January 22 and February 5 will give access to the feature for redistribute skill points for free of your Captain. For further information on the game dynamics that contribute to shaping the digital macrocosm of WoW on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, on the pages of you will find a handy guide on XP credits and consumables modules of World of Warships.

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