World Beyond, the series will tell us more about the fate of Rick Grimes

As showrunner Matt Negrete had already anticipated, The Walking Dead: World Beyond will take care of shedding further light on the fate of Rick Grimes who, as we now well know, did not die in the outbreak of the bridge but was saved by a Civic Republic helicopter. .

Part of the Alliance of Three – an agreement between the three major post-apocalyptic civilizations that are linked by a recurring three-circle symbol – the Civic Republic is located approximately in the southwestern United States and he’s supposed to be developing a cure for the zombie plague. It is a particularly mysterious company but certainly more advanced than those we have had the opportunity to meet so far and, it can certainly count on a highly specialized military force.

But as we got to see in The Walking Dead: World Beyond episode “The Tyger and the Lamb” the Civic Republic is characterized by lights and shadows and, many argue that the massacre of the Campus Colony in Nebraska carried out by CRM with the aim of “neutralizing a threat”, only led to death of innocent civilians.

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Elizabeth Kublek, Lieutenant Colonel of the CRM, flaunts all kinds of luxuries and comforts in his well-appointed apartment. The Civic Republic owns what most people don’t: energy, water, medicines, transport, schools, a thriving trade and a solid economic system. Among other things, it can boast courts and a real rule of law.

“We are the last light in the world. We are the last hope”Kublek tells her subordinate. “And we, we, allow this population of over 200,000 souls to live. To change the future “. The Colonia Campus “didn’t seem like a threat”he adds, but “would have been”.

Moreover Boat delivery, the one who more than any other doubts the work of CRM, to a kind of reformatory, from which he will not leave until he is able to serve his Republic again. This particular suggests that in reality too Rick Grimes is a prisoner and that, for this reason, he has not given news of himself in the last seven years.


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