Wonder Woman, Adrianne Palicki talks about the series never made: “It was devastating”

Adrianne Palicki was supposed to be Wonder Woman but, the series was never made. The actress still cannot accept that such a project has never seen the light and, speaking to the Comicbook microphones, she said she was deeply sorry.

L’pilot episode of the series conceived by David E. Kelley was rejected from the production house but, Palicki still had the opportunity to enter the Marvel world by playing the role of Barbara Morse in Agents of SHIELD.

“It was devastating when the production was stopped. I really believed in this project. It would have been extraordinary to play Diana Prince. It would have been the scariest thing ever and at the same time the absolute best thing for my career. Wearing those clothes remains for a great dream “.

The actress who now engaged with The Orville admitted that it would certainly have been difficult to deal with such a role, also and above all from a physical point of view: “I wouldn’t have had a lifetime to keep up with those hard workouts and various acrobatic scenes but, it would definitely be worth it. This series probably would have aged me enormously in three years, but I would have been delighted to play the role of a so iconic superhero“.

Meanwhile, Lynda Carter has returned to play the role of Wonder Woman to invite her fans to vote in the next presidential elections in the United States of America.

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