Wonder Woman: a story focused on Cheetah on the special issue 750

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The number 750 of DC Comics Wonder Woman coming out this week is a very special book. Composed of ninety-six pages, the register will see the collaboration of several artists. One of the stories that will make up the comic book special is dedicated to the relationship between Wonder Woman and Cheetah.

The celebratory book of Wonder Woman will be released on January 22 and will refer to the special celebratory books already released for Superman (which celebrated the number 1000 of the historic magazine Action Comics, the first that hosted the stories of the Man of Steel) and for Batman (with the special register released last year to celebrate the number 1000 of Detective Comics). This of Wonder Woman does not touch any record or anniversary, but at DC Comics they decided to celebrate the heroine in this way because it still constitutes, together with Batman and Superman, the famous Trinity of more famous heroes of the publishing house. The special book of Wonder Woman will have multiple variants of different authors and will contain stories written by Marguerite Bennett, Steve Orlando, Greg Rucka, Gail Simone, Mariko Tamaki, Elena Casagrande and Colleen Doran. Just Greck Rucka, with the drawings of Nicola Scott, will have an 11-page story focused on the relationship between Wonder Woman and Cheetah, his historical enemy, entitled Never Chance. The story will not only be based on the physical conflict between the two, but will try to give a new point of view of the relationship of friendship / conflict that the two characters carry on. The book will also have the task of making Wonder Woman the first hero to appear in the continuity of the DC Comics Universe, a bit like success with Warner Bros movies.

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Who knows if and when Panini Comics, which recently purchased the rights of DC Comics, will distribute this story in our country. We will keep you updated when we have more precise news on the projects of the Modena-based publisher for the publishing house of Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman.

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